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Company Formation

You would like to establish a company in Switzerland and need professional advice? We are happy to support you in this complex process from the very beginning. We will help you research the company name, explain the advantages and disadvantages of different company forms, prepare all the necessary incorporation documents and accompany you personally through all the steps of setting up a company. In addition, we also take care of other issues such as granting a domicile as well as advising on organizational matters, so that the start of your self-employment can be a complete success for you.

How we can accompany you in this process:

Advice on the choice of company form

Sole proprietorship, AG, GmbH - Which legal form is right for you? We will be happy to advise you in a personal meeting and together we will find out which company form best suits you and your business idea.

Research of the company name

You still have no idea what your company should be called? Or you already have an idea, but you don't know if it is already taken? We will be happy to do all the necessary research for you and assist you in finding a suitable company name.

Preparation of all necessary founding documents (articles of incorporation, bylaws, contracts) for the formation of the company

Minutes, statutes, registrations - for the foundation of a company various documents have to be prepared. We take care of the correct preparation of all necessary founding documents.

Appointment and assistance at the notary's office

A visit to the notary's office is necessary for the incorporation. We will arrange the appointment, clarify the costs and accompany you during the visit. For founders who do not speak German, we also take care of the translation and act as a representative for the signing of the documents.

Other areas in which we can support you in the establishment of your company include

  • Arrangement of the registration in the commercial register
  • Granting of a domicile
  • Preparation of articles of association
  • Preparation of shareholders' agreements
  • Advice on organizational matters
  • General consulting, assistance in the preparation of business plans
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