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The annual financial statement simply explained

The annual financial statement is the most important means of providing information about the current financial situation and earning power of a company. Find out here what needs to be taken into account when preparing the annual financial statements.

Which insurances does a company need?

Already when founding a company, you have to think about the insurance of your company. There are certain insurances, which you have to take out obligatorily. In addition, there are other offers that are recommended for optimal protection. In the following article, we will gladly explain everything you need to know about the various company insurances.

Everything you need to know about withholding tax in Switzerland

Foreigners residing in Switzerland and cross-border commuters pay tax on their income directly at source. This means that their taxes are deducted directly from their wages each month. Employers must take care of the declaration and payment of taxes to the authorities.

Value added tax - accounting methods

If a company generates more than CHF 100,000 in taxable sales, it becomes liable for VAT in Switzerland. This also applies to foreign companies if they generate part of their sales here.

Annual financial statements: accruals and deferrals simply explained

According to the Swiss Code of Obligations, Swiss companies are obliged to book income and expenses in the financial year in which they are actually incurred. This is the only way to provide a true and fair view of the company's financial position and results of operations, and to make it possible to compare different financial years.

Underbalance, capital loss and overindebtedness - Everything you need to know about it

Owners and board members in particular should familiarize themselves with this topic, as non-compliance with the legal provisions can result in a lawsuit and liability with private assets in the worst case. Find out everything you need to know here.

Increase in private share of business vehicle

Do you or your employees also use your company vehicle for private purposes? If you want to know how this is declared in the salary statement and what changes apply since 2022, find out more in our guide.

Tax optimization in Switzerland: The best tips to save taxes in 2022

Taxes are an important topic in Switzerland. Find out here how you can also sustainably reduce your tax burden with the most important starting points.

ANobAG - Everything you need to know about it

Are you a Swiss resident working for a foreign employer who has no domicile in Switzerland? This is called ANobAG in Switzerland, which stands for "employee without a contributory employer". Learn everything you need to know about this in this article.

Changes in social security contributions and the second and third pillars starting 2021

We are therefore pleased to summarize here some important innovations in the pension world, which will come into force on January 1, 2021.

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