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Wage management

Payroll accounting involves much more than just paying out wages. We would be happy to take over this sensitive area for you and ensure that your payroll system is efficient. Our know-how guarantees you correct and timely processing towards all partners and claimants, from employees to official authorities. Our customized solutions adapt to your needs and ensure that you can concentrate on the important things.

Our offer in the area of payroll accounting:

Ongoing management of payroll accounting with preparation of all payrolls

Payroll accounting, also called payroll administration, is a complex matter. We will be happy to take care of this for you and, among other things, take care of the management of annual payroll accounts, the correct posting of payroll runs and the maintenance of personnel master data. We also take care of the timely submission of all employee deduction statements, including those for social and accident insurance, occupational pension plans and withholding tax. In addition, we prepare and send the monthly payroll statements for you. As a direct contact for all payroll matters, we are at your and your employees' disposal.

Preparing the annual social security declarations

At the beginning of each year, wage declarations must be prepared for the social insurances. Various limits and laws must be observed. To ensure that everything runs smoothly, we provide you with competent and reliable support. We take care of the contact with the social insurances and submit all statements on time.

Completion of withholding tax statements and permit forms

If you employ foreign employees without a settlement permit or Swiss passport, they may be subject to withholding tax. The withholding taxes are deducted directly from the salary and must be declared by the employer. We will gladly take care of this for you by determining the correct rate for your employees, taking care of the deduction and posting, and submitting the statements on time.

Timely preparation and delivery of wage statements

All employees need a wage statement in order to fill out the annual tax return. We take care of the correct issuing of the wage statement as well as the timely and punctual sending.

Registration and correspondence with social insurances

There are various reasons for contact with social insurances. Here, too, we are at your side. We register your company with the SVA, take care of child allowances for employees and are your competent partner for all social insurance questions.

Registration/deregistration and changes in all personal insurances

If you hire new employees during the year or if employees leave your company, you must notify the insurance of your pension fund. In addition, wage declarations and wage totals for accident and daily sickness benefits insurance must be submitted at the beginning of the year. We will be happy to handle these and many other matters relating to personal insurance. Thanks to our in-house insurance experts from Simplecare.ch AG, we also take care of reviewing and optimizing your insurance coverage.

Other services we offer in the field of payroll:

  • Clarification of the subordination with social insurances
  • Preparation of employment contracts
  • Calculations of salaries
  • Special areas in personnel administration (e.g. processing of confidential executive salaries)
  • General consulting and analyses
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