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Taxes influence your entrepreneurial activities. The increasing complexity of tax law leads to unanswered questions, the clarification of which takes a lot of time. We are happy to support you in this challenging area by providing you with holistic and needs-oriented advice. This enables you to plan your taxes optimally, save money and also achieve sustainable tax advantages. We take care of the analysis of your current tax situation, handle the contact with authorities and tax offices, complete your tax returns within the deadlines and accompany you wherever a need arises.

We support you in the tax area with the following services:

Tax returns for natural and legal persons

Natural persons

We will gladly take care of filling out your tax return. This also includes contacting the authorities on your behalf and showing you how you can save taxes in the long term, for example, with the right pension planning.

Legal entities

We also take care of the annual tax return for legal entities such as AG, GmbH and sole proprietorships. This also includes the preparation of the required documents. We are therefore also happy to prepare the annual financial statements for you and advise you in all areas of financial management.

Tax planning and optimization

In addition to the correct and timely submission of tax returns, we also show you optimization potential in the tax area. Important for this is the ideal tax planning, which can be achieved by various means. We will be happy to analyze your individual situation and work with you to find out how you can reduce your tax burden.

Tax representation for natural persons and legal entities

Natural persons

We are happy to represent you before the tax authorities. Whether in the case of objections, appeals or complaints - with us you have competent and reliable support and representation, which will take care of your concerns.

Legal entities

We are a competent tax representative for both domestic and foreign companies. This includes representation before and contact with tax authorities, filing objections, appeals and more. In addition, all foreign companies that are subject to value added tax here require a domestic tax representative. We take care of this for you and take care of the registration with the tax authorities, the completion of the VAT statements, find the appropriate accounting method for you and ensure the correct application of the applicable regulations.

Withholding taxes

All foreign employees who do not have a C residence permit, as well as cross-border commuters, are generally liable for withholding tax. Employers must take care of the correct declaration and payment of this withholding tax. We will gladly take care of this for you and ensure that all statements are submitted completely and on time.

Other services in the tax area:

  • Preparation and assistance in VAT revisions of the Federal Tax Administration
  • Objections, appeals, complaints and representation before all instances
  • Representation before tax authorities
  • Tax assessments
  • Withholding tax
  • Intercantonal and international tax issues
  • Tax assessments
  • Tax assessments
  • Tax invoices
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