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You face a wide range of challenges in your day-to-day business. Whether it is the management of your assets, you need a competent partner for strategic decisions or you want to outsource the CFO function of your company - we are at your side as an external and independent expert in all matters. In addition, we also support employees without an employer liable to pay contributions (ANobAG) with all formalities. Thanks to our many years of experience, we can find optimal solutions for all your needs and provide you with prompt, competent and trustworthy support.

The following services round out our offering:

  • Sparring partner for executives (board of directors, management, etc)
  • Appointment / assumption of board of directors, foundation board and executive management mandates
  • Outsourcing of your CFO function
  • Asset management
  • Support for employees without a contributory employer (ANobAG)
  • Deposit agreements for shares
  • Preparation of business plans
  • Consulting for startups
  • Support in restructuring, expansion or liquidation of companies
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