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Participation exemption - How Swiss enterprises can lower their income tax

The participation exemption in Switzerland can provide tax relief for companies that receive participation income from subsidiaries. Zürcher Treuhand tells you what you need to know about the participation exemption.

Real estate gains tax & deferral explained simply

Real estate is always in high demand in Switzerland, but the market has rarely been as favorable for sellers as it is now. If you make a profit from selling your property, the cantons impose a toll known as the real estate gains tax. Here we explain everything you have to know.

Taxation for foreigners: Everything you need to know about withholding tax in Switzerland

Foreigners residing in Switzerland and cross-border commuters pay tax on their income directly at source. This means that their taxes are deducted directly from their wages each month. Employers must take care of the declaration and payment of taxes to the authorities.

Value added tax - accounting methods

If a company generates more than CHF 100,000 in taxable sales, it becomes liable for VAT in Switzerland. This also applies to foreign companies if they generate part of their sales here. . In this article we explain the two methods, their advantages and disadvantages, and how you can change your accounting method.

Tax optimization in Switzerland: The best tips to save taxes in 2024

Taxes are an important topic in Switzerland. The differences, regionally and in the way of taxation, are often discussed. It is precisely these differences that are worth taking a closer look at. Because with clever tax planning, you can save several thousand francs per year. Find out here how you can also sustainably reduce your tax burden with the most important starting points.

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