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Maximum amount pillar 3a for 2024

Updated on January 04, 2024

According to the current regulations for the year 2023, the maximum amount for persons who are gainfully employed in Switzerland with a pension fund connection in the 2nd pillar is CHF 7,056 (for self-employed persons, the maximum amount is 20% of the net earned income, but not more than CHF 35,280). It is important to note that these amounts are valid for 2024 and may change in the coming years, as they depend on the legal provisions. The maximum amounts for 2025 will be announced approximately in October 2024.

Payments into Pillar 3a are tax-deductible and enable insured persons to reduce their taxable income, resulting in a lower tax burden.

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Maximum amount pillar 3a for 2024

Pillar 3a is the voluntary private pension plan in Switzerland that enables individuals to make additional provisions for financial security in retirement in addition to the state AHV (old-age and survivors' insurance) and the mandatory occupational pension plan (2nd pillar). An important feature of pillar 3a is the annual maximum amount that can be paid in to benefit from tax advantages.

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